ClickScan for Legal Practices

These days, law offices are piling up more paper and files than ever before.  As your business grows, so does your paperwork!  The amount of time your employees spend filing, retrieving and searching for these files grows just as fast, costing your business more money.

There is a solution to your filing problems.  ClickScan© is a document imaging software solution that allows your employees to scan and store all your files electronically, faster and less expensive than ever before! Just think, your employees can find a file in seconds, without ever leaving their desk..your documents can be filed electronically in less than half the time of before..and you won't have to worry about misfiles and lost client documents.

All of these benefits at a price that makes great sense to your bottom line.  In fact, you can save so much money, the software and scanner can pay for themselves in the first year!  As for your employees, instead of spending all their time filing, they can focus on your most important asset - your clients.

ClickScan© offers you these benefits:

  • Never Lose Files Again
  • Reduce Space Requirements
  • Cut File Retrieval and Access Time by 75%
  • Retrieve, View, Print, and Export Documents From Any Computer
  • Eliminate Costly Rented Storage Space
  • Save Money!!!

Find out how much money you can save by using ClickScan - download our ROI calculator!

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